Millie Waterman- Volunteer of the Year Award

This year Lake County Council would again like to recognize the VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR! This award has now been renamed the Millie Waterman Volunteer of the Year Award. Each unit is invited to nominate an individual that has demonstrated the following qualities:

Mille Waterman Volunteer of the Year Award Criteria:

*Must be a 2018-2019 PTA member 

Leadership: Nominee has demonstrated the ability to motivate and direct others toward a common goal to benefit your unit. 

Involvement: Nominee has demonstrated selflessness, dependability, & commitment to the greater good of the organization. 

Development: Nominee has demonstrated the willingness to develop other in your unit through guidance, kindness, and education of PTA practices. 

Overall Performance: Nominee has demonstrated and maintained themselves to highest level of integrity. 

Units should submit essays describing why their nominees are deserving of the MILLIE WATERMAN VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD no later than FEBRUARY 10TH!!!!! It is up to each unit to use their own discretion in choosing their nominee.  Please submit essays to Kelly Belin, Lake County Council Vice President & Founders Day Coordinator,


Winners will be chosen by a panel of past presidents, and will be awarded at the Founders’ Day celebration March 5, 2019 at 5:45 pm. This year’s Founders Day will be at The Croatian Lodge. Address any questions to the above email or 440.637.1836.

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